Wwe test steroids

"It took a good year and I've said many times before; if it wasn't for Gorilla [Monsoon] and it wasn't for Alfred [Hayes] it took a while for me to earn their trust and their respect, but then they really took me under their wings and helped me tremendously. Everyday from that point on they told me that I wasn't one of the boys. I could be friendly, you can be friends in a sense, but never think you are one of them, and that was the best lesson I ever got, and I never forgot that until the day I left WWE. There was a lot of stuff that happened, and Alfred told me that they were going to do things to me, and it wasn't vicious to the point where it was, but it was pretty intense, but I never said a word; I took it and after about a year I was 'in,' not one of them, ever, but I was in and was respected, which is the best way that I could put it. "

Wwe test steroids

wwe test steroids


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