Steroide ohne androgene wirkung

Fortunately, the plasma membrane contains many lipid rafts where proteins are secured. A lipid raft contains high concentrations of cholesterol and sphingolipids-- a type of phospholipid-- containing longer and more saturated fatty acid tails. Because the fatty acids are longer and more saturated straighterthey aggregate more, which cholesterol also helps. That part of the membrane is also thicker, making it ideal for accommodating certain proteins. In the rest of the membrane, the phospholipids on one side of the membrane move independently of those on the.

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Steroide ohne androgene wirkung

steroide ohne androgene wirkung


steroide ohne androgene wirkungsteroide ohne androgene wirkungsteroide ohne androgene wirkungsteroide ohne androgene wirkungsteroide ohne androgene wirkung