Steroid era hall of famers

Catcher Jason Castro got a three-year deal with the Minnesota Twins partly because of the perception that he is among the game’s best pitch framers; year after year with the Astros he would rank among the best in pitch-frame statistics. This year, the Twins have been one of baseball’s biggest surprises, with their staff ERA down by a run, but Castro has fallen to near the bottom of the pitch-framing statistics . Buster Posey was at the top last year, and now he has fallen into the bottom half of catchers in the same metric. Others have zoomed up the leaderboard dramatically, as others have fallen way back -- all of which might raise some questions about the reliability of the statistic and whether it should be predicated on the command and velocity of the pitchers with whom the catchers are working.

  • Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale has a history of fading in the second half, which is not an unusual trait. But the fact that Sale has come out throwing so hard early in the year, with such a vengeance, has some evaluators wondering how he’ll hold up in August and September.
  • The San Diego Padres have called around to other teams to remind them that they are open for business right now, and in particular, they are very much willing to listen to offers for left-hander Brad Hand , who will be one of the best relievers moved before the July 31 deadline. Moving quickly worked well for San Diego last year, when it aggressively marketed Drew Pomeranz and dealt him at the All-Star break for Boston's top pitching prospect, Anderson Espinoza.
  • Other teams continue to wait for clear signs from the Kansas City Royals about their intentions before the trade deadline. For now, clubs are being told that the Royals intend to try to contend -- but other teams should prepare for the possibility that . will sell Mike Moustakas , Eric Hosmer , etc. The Red Sox, who have had disastrous production from their third basemen, were among the teams scouting the Royals in New York last week, and on paper, Moustakas could be a natural fit. Boston’s third basemen rank 29th in the majors in OPS .
  • The San Francisco Giants ' outfielders have combined for a minus- WAR , by far the worst in the majors.
  • Baseball Tonight Podcast David Ortiz on a Call to the Legends : Discussing how Pedro Martinez continues to work to nudge Ortiz out of retirement; his speech at Fenway Park after the Boston Marathon bombing; how he relates to the joy of Cubs fans; and that time when Theo Epstein gave a motivational speech to the players (with some insight from Chicago GM Jed Hoyer).

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    Steroid era hall of famers

    steroid era hall of famers


    steroid era hall of famerssteroid era hall of famerssteroid era hall of famerssteroid era hall of famerssteroid era hall of famers