Steroid biotransformation ppt

Do not completely insert the applicator and tube into the anus or insert deep into the rectum. Do not insert a loose applicator tip into the anus or rectum. Once application is completed, the tube and applicator tip should be gently removed from the area and disposed. Note that an adequate amount of AnaMantle HC ® for an application to the anal and peri-anal area will be applied through the applicator tip by gently squeezing the tube during application. AnaMantle HC ® should not be used in excess of recommendations or for prolonged use in the anal canal. If the condition does not respond to repeated courses of AnaMantle HC ® , or should worsen, discontinue use and seek the advice of your physician.

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Different types of microbiological transformation of steroids are reviewed, with special attention given to bioconversions applied in the manufacturing of steroid hormones, ., 11 alpha- 11 beta-, 16 alpha-, 17 alpha-hydroxylations and 1-dehydrogenation. Availability and utilization of raw materials for industrial production of steroids of the estrane, androstane, and pregnane series are discussed. Among the current trends in steroid research of a practical nature, immobilization of enzymes and living cells and the spore process are emphasized as alternative techniques of steroid transformation of possible future importance. Efforts to recognize, in cell-free preparations, the components of steroid-transforming enzyme systems as well as the cellular mechanisms of control of their biosynthesis and activity are described in order to illustrate the main subjects of current basic investigation in steroid bioconversion.

Steroid biotransformation ppt

steroid biotransformation ppt


steroid biotransformation pptsteroid biotransformation pptsteroid biotransformation pptsteroid biotransformation pptsteroid biotransformation ppt