Old east west german map

The Old Scenic West Bikeway offers a wide variety of terrain and scenery, from rushing rivers to friendly small towns to fossil beds, plus some attention-getting climbs. 
Start in the town of John Day at Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site, a remarkable National Landmark that you have to see to believe. Part general store, part apothecary, part religious shrine, the Museum is a snapshot of the Chinese immigrant experience in the 19 th and 20 th century American west. 
The route rolls east on Highway 26 through picturesque Prairie City, and on to the turnoff at Austin Junction, leaving  the highway for truly rural back roads, where the distances spread out and the sky gets even bigger. Ride through rugged terrain that still looks like what the area’s early settlers found.  You’ll pass through tiny, friendly towns as you ride to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, reconnecting with Highway 26 back to John Day. This ride is for serious touring cyclists; it works well as a two-day or a three-day trip. There are three state parks on this loop. Clyde Holliday State Park has a hiker-biker site as does the newest state park in the system: Bates State Park, which even plugs in for recharging cell phones. Hiker-biker sites cost $5 per night person and there is no reservation! Just pedal over!  

The question: Should Germany save the EU? That is about the same as asking: “Is water wet?”
No matter what role Germany brings to this EU crisis, it is the EU that will be stronger for it. It is a market of 450 million consumers, and that is uppermost in everyones mind. There is no comparable unified market size anywhere else in the world. It may be tough, but each of the EU nations will gradually learn how to adjust themselves to be an EU member in good standing without undue friction.
If there are some who would prefer the EU to fail, it is quite understandable. Their welfare may be at stake. But in the end, more trade and travel among nations could well be the salvation of this planet when people are too busy doing well than planning to facilitate a blow-up.

Ludvik is a member of the European Academy of Science and Arts (since 2000), member of the Steering Committee of the . (International Conference on Higher Education), member of Pan-European Union, member of the Board of European Rectors Conference, Magna Charta Universitatum, member of Collegium, member and President of the Danube Rectors' Conference (1996-1999), member of the international committee European Forum Alpbach (1999- ) and Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia (1999-2001). His main activities and focus of interest lie in social reforms, political parties, human rights, diplomacy and his major fields of expertise include Law, Economy, Environment, Management, Small Businesses, Cooperatives, Professional Ethics, University Management, Foundations, Charity.

Old east west german map

old east west german map


old east west german mapold east west german mapold east west german mapold east west german mapold east west german map