Keloids after steroid injections

Surgical excision should be done where cancer is a reasonable concern. Improving cosmetic appearance is another reason for excision, but all surgery leaves some scarring. Smaller nevi can be "shaved off". Larger ones can be cut out directly and the wound edges sewn together. Much larger nevi may be excised in stages by taking a little more out each time until the entire nevus is removed. This is called "serial excision." Cutting out very large nevi will leave behind a raw area that is too big to be sewn together and must be covered. This can be done with a split thickness skin graft from some other normal area of the body. The skin-grafted area will have varying degrees of scarring and will usually be thinner and more fragile than normal skin.

Hello? I’ve had Keloids for the past 8 yrs. Started as apimple, didn’t pay much attention to it till it started growing. Its on my chest and its about the length of my small finger. It has attracted two more and the itching is horrendous! I’ve recently developed two along my jawline. I’ve tried ACV..the pain was too much! Hydrocortisone ointment didn’t do much. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil eased the discomfort, but that’s about it…currently using tea tree oil, undiluted…..been on it for three days now, yet to see improvements. Read on here about virgin saliva being of help? will certainly try that!!! Thanks and good luck to us all! God bless!

My keloid scars are pretty old. The most recent is about 2years while d others are over ten. Yes they itch so much I read somewhere that compressing with a coin reducing d size. I had two little keloids forming n I tried d coin compressing and it worked. My two little thigh keloids vanished and doesn’t look like I had any there. Now I’m trying to deal with the one slight above my vagina but tying a scarve around is quite impossible. D hollow space doesn’t let d fabric press d coin down hatd. Any suggestions on d best way to press down d coin? Personal reply to my email will b so mucg appreciated to I know when a reply arrives
Thank you

Keloids after steroid injections

keloids after steroid injections


keloids after steroid injectionskeloids after steroid injectionskeloids after steroid injectionskeloids after steroid injectionskeloids after steroid injections