How to uninstall websteroids from pc

You’ll have to find your PC’s product key  if you do this. On a Windows 7 PC, examine your PC for a “certificate of authenticity” sticker with a key on it. The sticker may be on the back of your desktop case, on the bottom (or inside the battery compartment) of your laptop, or it may have come on a separate card with your PC. On a Windows 8 PC, you may not have to do this at all—the key may be embedded in your computer’s firmware. If so, Windows will automatically detect it and allow you to reinstall Windows without even asking you to enter a key.

This is nice but only covers what windows will allow you to uninstall. Can't uninstall the Store or 3dBuilder this way.

To permanently delete some additional apps (about 15 apps) select start -> all apps -> windows power shell and start power shell as an administrator.

Command to uninstall the Store:
Get-AppxPackage *store* | Remove-AppxPackage

you can do that for skype, get office, maps, money, news, 3d builder etc.

For a complete list of packages which includes uninstallable system apps like Cortina and Edge enter:

Get-AppxPackage > C:\

Browse to the root level of the C drive to open

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How to uninstall websteroids from pc

how to uninstall websteroids from pc


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