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The diesel Captur is a cracking little car has returned a true MPG - I have checked by filling up to the brim and countil miles. There is a spare tyre in the boot albeit a skinny fellow - I prefer that to the goo kit and compressor. It has no CD player in it (to my surprise, I found out after we bought it) - there is an interface for an I Pod etc. that is located indiscretely on the console. It could have been located in the glove box or somewhere else convenient. I find the auto setting on the wipers annoying as they "do their own thing" and you lose control of the intermittent setting. The cruise control on-off is located in an area on the centre console that is not easy to find or operate in the dark. The A pillar can obstruct your view, but you get used to that. The ride comfort and road holding are excellent. Road noise is low. Overall, a top little motor. Renault have got the formula just right for this little Clio "on steroids". I fully recommend this car.

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So Rockstar has implemented a new system with patch . Basically, the system is the old hidden stat tracking method on steroids. Now Rockstar has a massive arsenal of stats on each player which track a number of aspects of a single variable. Whereas in the old system they just looked at how much money you have at any given time, they now track when you get it, where you get it, why you get it and how you get it. With this multi-lateral approach, hackers are no longer covered by their targeted hacks, and the PC players and modders are free to carry on with their thing.

Gta 5 online steroids

gta 5 online steroids


gta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroids