East german tunic

Are you disgusted by the prices of WWI German mountain boots??!! These things were always around in the past and nobody cared much about them. Lately they are all $800+, and are hard to find. This is a good size 11 solid pair of WWII German mountain boots, but, there is always a but, they are very slightly mismatched. They are the same size. I bought them from the vet's son who wore them for a while. The color of the cloth @ the top is a but different, and the number of grommets is also different. My guess is that the trooper had 2 sets of boots which were almost identical and the sets got mixed up. From a display standpoint, they look fine together. The leather is very solid. The soles are a bit dry, and some of the central nails are missing, but mostly on the one boot. This is the perfect set of mountain boots for your display.

East german tunic

east german tunic


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