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Born in 1930, Kohl had been enrolled into the Hitler Youth, and he no doubt sincerely hoped that his country’s future would not be an extension of its past. The first German chancellor to address the Knesset in Jerusalem, he took Israeli interests to heart, and invited emigrating Soviet Jews to rebuild the community in Germany. He handpicked Angela Merkel to succeed him as chancellor. When prosecutors discovered that he had been illegally taking large sums of money from anonymous donors for his Christian Democrat party, this cozy relationship became Kaputt, as Kohl expressed it. He was obliged to repay $100,000, and the scandal of it darkened the end of his life.

The M1942 design was a result of wartime demands. The rolled edge on the shell was eliminated, creating an unfinished edge along the rim. This edge slightly flared out, along the base of the skirt. The elimination of the rolled edge expedited the manufacturing process and reduced the amount of metal used in each helmet. Shell paint colors were typically matte grey-green (Heer) or grey-blue (Luftwaffe), and the decals were eliminated in 1943 to speed up production and reduce the helmet's combat visibility. Greater manufacturing flaws were also observed in M1942 helmets made late in the war. [23]

East german helmet for sale

east german helmet for sale


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