East german canteen

    GG-524 Set of 5 German Tent pegs, assorted types and markings. $65 GG-486   Collection of WWII Air Raid Protection, unit insignia and buttons. $45   GG-482  RAD Unit marked 1937 dated German Tornister. Nice label identifying the original owner and his unit. Pack has one break to rear stap which needs repair, missing one hook on bottom pack corner and one of the wide aluminum hooks. Other than that a nice item. $125 GG-475  WWII Guidon for the 52ND Light Aid Detachment of the . in WWII serving in Syria and the Middle East.  Approx 18 inches in length. Some moth bites. $235 GG-473 WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $45   GG-471  WWII British Goggles. Our choice $20 each  

It is an excellent product. The mug is aluminum and useful for boiling boil water, measure out ingredients for outdoor cooking. The canteen cover can be used to gather wild berries, leaves, mushrooms, grub worms, or grass hoppers. I have used it as a glove for those extra slippery fish. The canteen is a thick plastic bottle which holds a good amount of water for a hike. This canteen can also be used as a hot water bottle on those cold nights in bed.(without the cover and wrapped in a bandana). Put the bottle 3/4 full of water into the freezer and it will act as a no mess ice substitute for coolers or for cooling down sprained ankles. You can't go wrong with this. Always keep two individual serving size drink mix pouches tucked between the bottle and the cover and you will not suffer when drinking safe but not so great tasting water. We are only limited by our imagination and experiences. Enjoy!

East german canteen

east german canteen


east german canteeneast german canteeneast german canteeneast german canteeneast german canteen