Cycle 7 anabolic capsules reviews

History has shown that an elite group of Eastern Bloc scientists and biochemists were brought together with the sole purpose and single solitary goal of creating the Perfect Human Athlete. They were instructed to design a substance that would enhance human body performance, under unique circumstances, to adapt and overcome physical challenges. Through the course of the experimentation that arose, a methodology was developed that would increase the rate at which muscle and overall strength could be developed, reduce fatigue and increase endurance, permitting the subject to train harder and longer.

This cycle guidance is for females looking to add lean muscle and have increased fat burning capabilities at the same time.  Note that proper diet and training must be followed for required results. The intake of alternative fat burners must be discontinued in this cycle to prevent cardiovascular damage. Beta Sleep was added to up-regulates ß2 receptors making clenbuterol more effective and for longer periods. Females should never exceed 80mcg of Clen.  Betasleep should be taken before bedtime. For best results Clenbuterol should be taken upon awakening 30 min prior to meals with 1 glass of water. Keep your fluid intake high to prevent possible muscle cramps (min 3L daily). Stay within the guidelines to prevent possible virilising side affects.

Cycle 7 anabolic capsules reviews

cycle 7 anabolic capsules reviews


cycle 7 anabolic capsules reviewscycle 7 anabolic capsules reviewscycle 7 anabolic capsules reviewscycle 7 anabolic capsules reviewscycle 7 anabolic capsules reviews