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4. Hire the Right Team!
Ever walk into a restaurant and the host(ess) is leaning on the podium on their phone, popping bubbles with their gum? Or talking to a co-worker and ignoring you? In chain restaurants, you stay anyway because you don’t expect any different. In a small restaurant, people will walk out when they see that.
Have a dress code that befits your target market (see above) and stick to it. Flip flops, short shorts, wild hair and crazy piercings are not your best choices for your senior citizen audience. They might be great, however, if you are looking for a younger market.

Eukaryotes are a very diverse group, and their cell structures are equally diverse. Many have cell walls; many do not. Many have chloroplasts, derived from primary, secondary, or even tertiary endosymbiosis; and many do not. Some groups have unique structures, such as the cyanelles of the glaucophytes , the haptonema of the haptophytes , or the ejectisomes of the cryptomonads . Other structures, such as pseudopods , are found in various eukaryote groups in different forms, such as the lobose amoebozoans or the reticulose foraminiferans .

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