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Rhonda was an age group swimmer in Columbus, Ohio.  She joined The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio in 2006 as an assistant coach and became a head level age group coach in 2007.  She has assisted in coaching nationally ranked swimmers, led start, finish and turn camps and all stroke camps for Central Ohio swimmers.  She remained with GCSTO until her move to Wilmington in March, 2016 and joined Waves of Wilmington in June.

Rhonda has two grown children, Dustin and Courtney. They both were age group swimmers for GCSTO and her son swam for The University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Dustin is in Grad school pursuing a PsyD in psychology and her daughter is in school pursuing a degree in Dentistry.

In Rhonda's spare time you will either find her at her niece or nephew's sporting events or on the BEACH!

Under Kirner’s guidance, swimmers from the Charger program have qualified for the national meet a total of nine times in the past seven seasons. In 2009, one swimmer from all four classes - Anne Verhoef, Alicia LeDuc, Linda Okonkowski and Meredith Scott - each competed at the highest level of Division II swimming. It was Hillsdale’s most significant presence at the NCAA championships since it went to Division II status in 1998, and most signified the upward direction of the program. In 2011, Okonkowski secured the program's first Division II All-American honor in nine years under Kirner's guidance. Rachel Kurtz recieved the program's latest All-American honor in the 2013 season.

Cool looking... but what about air exchange ? If there are no standard windows, as 'backup's at least, if the air handling systems go off line for whatever reason... the buildup of chlorine fumes would be a problem. I think islamic Fundamentalists recently blew up a chlorine gas truck and made a lot of people seriously ill, or dead, as a result. Pool buildings require redunant fresh air circulating systems. From the design pictured... it does not appear that this is the case. Isn't Teflon a posionous substance if burned ? Is this Teflon product fireproof ? At what temperature will it ignite ? Isn't there a fellow in Houstoin who developed 'Glass Crete' ? Maybe a better design would have incorporated this new materia along with other materials as the skin ? Also... having opaque teflon pillows all around, and thereby not allowing a clear view in or out of the building, doesn't work for me. I hope my concerns are unfounded, as this building is well on its way to being finished.

Chinese swim team steroids

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