B5 for steroid acne

Chemical peels – The process of chemical peels, as with the surgical cutting of the skin, can sometimes seem counterproductive. In a chemical peel, you are literally using chemicals to burn the topmost layers of damaged skin, thereby forcing the body to undergo the healing process to regrow new, hopefully smoother, skin in its place. Again the severity of the scar and its location will dictate the level of chemical peel used, and some peels may actually cause keloid scar formation or infections, so be sure to get all the facts from your doctor or dermatologist before proceeding.

I went to write in a “food/skin” log that I had begun a month prior. Stupidly, I remembered it as having been more than a month since I’d had any spots, but apparently it was *exactly* one month to the day prior that I began the log for the first time. What had I logged a month ago to the day? Same spot–painful, large, and full of gunk–same place–right cheek. (Then there was another, smaller one within the next day, both the October and November breakouts.) I’d logged my food intake and sleep religiously for about a week afterward.. until I realized I was clear again, and then I forgot all about it…

B5 for steroid acne

b5 for steroid acne


b5 for steroid acneb5 for steroid acneb5 for steroid acneb5 for steroid acne