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Why was Marcus invited? It seems Mike couldn't care less that Lemonis is there. Lemonis struggles to elicit satisfactory reality-TV drama from Mike, even reduced to grilling poor Josh on the sidewalk about why Mike won't honor a handshake deal.

(Josh, by the way, is seen in several clips in the same shirt, clearly his favorite. That made us skeptical that there's a "West Texas Investors Club"-esque timing issue going on here in which actual events may have occurred in different order than presented on the program. However, Lemonis is wearing different clothing in Josh's scenes, so we withrdraw that skepticism.)

Mike has — on screen — perhaps the most gentle demeanor of anyone ever on the series. If he is a jerk, and that is suggested on the program by others, he's remarkably subtle about it.

Mike may be the goat of this episode, but Lemonis is the enabler. $300,000? These are skateboards, not fighter jets. For 70-year-olds.

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Asl labs steroids

asl labs steroids