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TA: It flat out works. During the two-week bulking phase, you can eat just about anything you want, which is actually fun–guilt-free ice cream and Swedish meatballs! If you begin an overfeeding program after a diet, within a matter of days, you’ll notice an increase in muscle fullness and strength. It’s absolutely “drug like” the way your body changes so rapidly.
During my last 2 bulking phases, I gained 7 and 6 lbs, respectively, and during both cycles, the amount of lean mass to fat was 3:1.
Of course, some of the lean mass is increased cell volume from the extra glycogen; remember, when you start overfeeding, your body stores macronutrients in every available compartment–you store protein as muscle, fat as triglyceride in adipose tissue, and carbohydrate as glycogen, which enhances strength and muscle size.
The dieting phase is fairly difficult, but restricting calorie intake for just two weeks is nothing compared to what many bodybuilders do–starving themselves for two, three, or even four months to get ready for a photo shoot or contest. Every time I get hungry, I always know it will be only a matter of days before I can eat just about anything I want again. This helps compliance a great deal.
During my dieting phases, I have been able to lose virtually all of the fat I gained on my bulking cycles while dropping only a couple pounds of lean mass. You might think of the ABCDE as a two-steps-forward, one-step-back program.
I have a number of “gym buddies” who I’ve had experimenting with the system, and their results have been very similar to mine. On each cycle, you’ll gain between two and five pounds of muscle, which, for someone who has been training for over a decade, like I have, is a phenomenal thing to experience.

Okay, so I have lost about 5kg from early May by eating low-carb/high-fat/protein and then I drank vodka at a party about two nights ago: I hadn't had much sleep and food before hand, because I physically couldn't eat. The next day, I was bed-bound and really faint, and eventually forced myself to eat an apple... then, I ate basically a lot of carbs - homemade curry and white rice, breads, more fruit, chocolate, etc. But... it wasn't a binge. I actually lost the next day (down , then gained 100g today ). Did I accidentally have a refeed day or something close to it? Because it baffles me how I managed to lose/maintain. 

Anabolic diet forums

anabolic diet forums


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